Technically I registered this domain in late 2014, then paid a hundred dollars a year to do nothing with it on GoDaddy. The name, 'raygunsue', is one of my default usernames, along with 'friedectoplasm' and 'quidprocrow.' The last I stole from Kay Ryan's poetry, the second I stole from the Descendants, but Ray Gun Sue is my own cheap devising. I know it's used furniture, but having grown up on a rural Pennsylvania horse farm while wanting desperately to be a 21st century woman, space-western is an appealing theme to me.


Seemingly without clear genealogy, many personal collectives have subtitles: The Epic Something-or-Rather Network, or, in this case, The Puer Aeternus Organization. Sheila Heti put this work by Mary Louise Franz on her list of surprise self-help books, a Jungian psychologist trying to explain what's tricky about the archetype that energetically begins projects without finishing them. Hands up if that's uncomfortably accurate. () It ends up being an ode to hard work. Naming my collective after that is me nodding and rolling my sleeves: yeah, I've got the beginner's eagerness; and I'm gonna put my nose to the grindstone. Boo-ya.


Currently this is layout 2.0, featuring Bee & Puppycat of the eponymous animated and comic series. While almost-not-quite unemployed, I discovered Bee, who works for a transdimensional temping agency with her ferociously adorable cat. It's rare that I find fantastic works of fiction about my fellow chubettes, but Bee is round from toe to the coils of her (currently puppy-cat'd) hair and flawed and fun, all the protagonist things bigger women sometimes miss out on.

Beyond the layout inspiration, it was coded in notepad and gussied up in Photoshop, a free set of photoshop brushes from 99MockingBirds and a free background, as well as a set of icons employed over at my contact page and in the adorable cloud below. The font in the headers and the title is Minimoon, created by Blazej Gradziel for personal use. No copyright infringement is intended.


Original recipe 1.0 featured Cath and Kaho from Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. It was red, and gray, and totally effin' simple. I wanted something more for 2.0. Certainly more color.