I'm new to the scene so I can't really claim affiliates, but here are a few sites that I peek at on the regular:


Lethe. Abuser of eye emojis, and my unofficial mentor at Amassment, Lethe goes through content with a fine-toothed comb in not one but several languages.

Emma. Managed to impress all 100 nobles in the stage-play minigame of FFIX, in addition to having a classy collection of cat photos apparently not taken on the set of the BBC Pride and Prejudice, but you wouldn't know it from looking.

Laura. Co-director of the Amassment Mass Effect member marathon with me, and evidently a walking encyclopedia on Mass Effect, user experience design, and Escaflowne.

Chibi. A fellow Chuck and Blair shipper #xoxo, while also being a very thoughtful reader, thinker, and comic-book-eater capable of precisely timed peptalks. We clink cups of herbal tea.

Masao. A truly helpful, thoughtful person who coached me through specific layout issues and gave me beginner programmer resources, Masao struck me as a paragon of dignified benevolence until I started following her twitter. Turns out: Masao is also a goof.

Stefi. I've visited Stefi's Squall Leonhart tribute creepily often - and it turns out the woman behind that philosophical review of the internal tensions of Squall Leonhart is a total peach, currently rocking the most abstract avatar ever on the Amassment forums.

Larissa. Blending a thorough consideration of narrative with major sass, Larissa also created an incredible shrine to Squall - which is apprently evidence of being a quality person. Currently I have gotten at least one out-dated gaming system on Larissa's recommendation, specifically to get even more Larissa recommendations. Not even something I regret.

If you'd like to affiliate, or if you'd like to exchange links, hit me up, girlfriend. Link me by uploading this finely crafted image to your own servers, please.