Scenario is my shrine for Tobias Forge, a swedish musician I discovered through his band Ghost and also his other projects, Subvision and Magna Carta Cartel. He's become my favourite musician and I felt I needed to, somehow, pay tribute to him. Besides, there's not a lot of information or sites about him on the net, so I took this as an act of love haha!

I've been making websites and shrines for 10 years. So what makes Scenario my favourite? Firstly, the subject. I love Tobias' music and voice so much, I like having something related to him to take care of. And then it's also my favourite in terms of design. I finally was able to create a parallax design! All in all, with the little essays, information and fanart donations, I think this is my favourite. And I hope it serves as an introduction to the man and his projects for new and potential fans! That would make me really happy ^^