Creativity is usually a failure to cite. Both Lethe and Robin provided thorough feedback on the essays I wrote on FFVIII’s magic, including a game-changing suggestion about the structure. Larissa is a masochist who beta’d the whole damn thing. All three women are wonderful productivity cheerleaders in general — as was the entirety of the Productivity Buddies support group, including Chibi, Laura, Emrys, Crystal, Nyx, and Robin again. Chibi in particular explained a lot of things about PHP and shared a Lightbox script, FancyBox, soon to be used here. Stefi and Todd both encouraged me to apply to Those Who Fight, a directory of character shrines inspired by Final Fantasy games, which made me feel that this project was part of a lovely larger effort. And Masao, poor kind diligent Masao, held my hand through very stupid web design errors.

In short: despite the first person throughout the shrine, this is a result of many efforts by many people.

No part of this would have been possible without Shotgunnova's game script, seriously. The wave texture used throughout the site is from Curly_Pat's Creative Market offerings. The under-image texture is Old Moon, from Subtle Patterns. The title font is KG Primary Dots, while the rest are from the Google open source font extravaganza. All of the images throughout the site are either screencap’d by myself, or official art from the Final Fantasy Wiki gallery, such as the Quistis Trepe headshot featured on the section and index pages. Designed in Photoshop CS5 and coded in Notepad ++.

Obviously, Quistis Trepe and all related Final Fantasy VIII items are intellectual properties of SquareEnix.

If you feel I have failed to credit anything, please don't hesitate to reach out!