Though this is the first official version, STRUCTURE, with a working site and all the content and everything, technically there was a prior version. Let's call it MORENDO, on the left. I find I have ambitions that exceed actual monitor sizes; because of her freaking hair, layouts with Quistis’s headshot that offered proper emphasis were all too unwieldy. As I worked on the site, my interest in Quistis moved from simple love to a more complicated feeling at her relegation to the side, and that bore fruit in my design of the layout. I always wanted a taxonomic feel, with a separated quality to Quistis’s features, which I hoped would convey both that she was organized and analytical — and just a bit screwed up. That taxonomy eventually moved from just a conceit with the title to dominating the whole of the layout, to the detriment of emphasis on actual Quistis. My feelings are mixed, because the point of this site is to shed light on her, but I also worked quite hard on that taxonomic feel.

For the future, I want to think more carefully about the content I produce. In some way Quistis Trepe was a checkbox for me. FFVIII and character shrines became interests of mine almost simultaneously — and importantly, at a memorable moment in my life. I have always wanted to produce a tribute to her, and much of that has turned out to be a smattering of diary entries. I'd like future work to be more analytical, but I'm not sure I'm capable of it where this particular subject is concerned.

A girl can dream.