I would love to make further connections with other shrines or fanlistings! Anyone in FFVIII is particularly welcome — frankly, any Final Fantasy character, particularly female members of the supporting cast. Beyond fellow members of the franchise, I'm interested in spiritual resemblance; for Quistis Trepe, I take that to be a competence and ambition married to care, but without the necessary finesse to get what one wants. Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you notice a link is out of date, generous visitor.

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I've already gushed about Larissa's work in Divide and how it brought further depth to both the central character and the game. Drafted continues that work, simultaneously examining the game as a game (and throwing shade at writing that lacks character motivation) and explaining the interior of FFVIII's resident deserter / journalist / actor / president. Part of what I appreciate about both tributes, but Drafted in particular, is that despite some failures of the game, and how seriously and knowledgeably she discusses those failures, Larissa honestly likes that goofball Laguna — it's entirely possible to love something in an imperfect setting. Totally charming.


I've doubly-affiliated with Valkyrie, partially because it's a wonderful work, but also because of the differing similarities between Red and Rose versus Quistis and Rose. The former pairing is about sharing a way of being framed in the narrative of their respective games, but though Rose and Quistis strike me as women who are incredibly competent and are also supporting cast members that the story initially suggests as romantic possibilities for the protagonist, the connection between the shrines is meta: Rose is Lethe's favorite character; Quistis is mine. Though the characters have different personality traits, I think Lethe and I both liked our characters for their moral core above all else.


Um, I'm not obsessed with Larissa, why do you ask. Larissa pointed out the shared quality of our motivation for these two shrines: we wanted something more for our heroines. Lunafreya's tragedy is not simply her ending, but how that ending is cribbed from another game in the franchise, and how the motivation for the crucial role she plays in FFXV's journey is relegated to a film rather than the actual game itself. Per usual, Larissa is careful and thorough in her presentation of why Lunafreya is worthy of interest and how Square Enix could have done better, and the result, for me, as someone not yet familiar with the game ... is longing, and remorse, for a character who could have been even more than she was.


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