NAME: Quistis Trepe
KANJI: キスティス・トゥリープ
AGE: Eighteen.
BIRTHDAY: October 4.
IN-GAME DESCRIPTION: "Uses a whip. When in danger, uses monster skills she has learned. Her admirers in the Garden have formed a fan club."

Like all of the Liberi Fatali companions saving Squall and Rinoa, Quistis is an orphan of unknown provenance rescued by Cid and Edea Kramer into their orphanage on the barren continent of Centra. (Though Squall is also raised there, a significant portion of the game regards his father, and so his origin is known as Quistis's is not.) She is eventually adopted, but apparently does not find mutual love with her caretakers, as she leaves that family by age ten to pursue a SeeD career at a Garden (canon suggests she took classes at both Balamb and Galbadia) where she is recognized as a child prodigy. By fifteen, she is a full SeeD. By seventeen, she is the youngest instructor ever to teach at a Garden, and a fan club - the 'Trepies' - forms around her renown. (Less significantly, she becomes the best Triple Triad player at Balamb Garden, rising to become the 'King' of a secretive card-playing club.) At eighteen, she loses that instructor license, due to her "lack of leadership qualities." This could be connected towards her attempts to build a relationship with Squall during his field exam, or Seifer's open defiance of her authority, or perhaps some unseen series of misdemeanors.

Excepting Irvine Kinneas, whose education at Galbadia Garden excluded Guardian Forces, all of the orphans forget their shared past. Nonetheless, Quistis 'could not stop thinking' about Squall Leonhart, a mental fixation she took to be romantic. Later she confesses it was a misinterpretation of a deeper foundation of sisterly affection.