what is this? who is it for?

Two excellent questions. If this is your first character shrine, definitely have a glance. But even those familiar with this dark and fanatic corner of the internet might think this site has too little information - or too much of the wrong kind. This is my statement of intent.


Welcome to Final Fantasy VIII.

drama & dramatis personae

Hardly exhaustive. A hash of the plot and who's-who of the game. The hope is that you should not be confused elsewhere about what the characters do and why if you skim this..


The remaining items are pieces of an essay, Indistinguishable?, regarding the nature of magic, sorceresses, monsters, and the moon in FFVII.

great hyne
related research
origin and magic
isn't this a quistis trepe shrine?

A reminder and palate cleanser, perhaps before moving on to the featured heroine.